We Are Enfant Terrible truly are the enfant terribles of the 8-bit electro-pop world. A French trio composed of three Lille natives who share a passion for fashion, video games, and wildly-thoughtful dance music. In their short run as a group they’ve developed a passionate fan base on both sides of the Atlantic. Their debut full length Explicit Pictures perfectly showcases their knack for creating saucy hooks you cant shake and witty lyrics that are either teasing or self-mocking.

Lead singer and keyboard player Clo Floret met the group’s guitarist Thomas Fourny when they were in school together in Lille – France’s fourth biggest city, near the Belgium border. As the story goes, Clo was running late, and Thomas – who Clo claims was “spying” on her – invited her to cut class with him. “Thomas made me sing on one of his song, ‘cause I wrote good lyrics’,” says Clo, in her wonderfullyidiosyncratic English. Not long afterwards they met the guy who would become WAET’s third member – Cyril Debarge, a hyper, wild drummer who has a one-man band called Funky Fingers and specializes in Game Boy-style music. “We were all excited to mix our sounds and personalities,” explains Clo. “Pop rock with eight bit, crazy performers, but shy children.” Each has embraced the social network revolution, with Cyril noting the power of Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter to share resources.

We Are Enfant Terrible fever immediately began to take hold with the release of their EP, Thanks For The Fish. Next followed a pair of singles, “Wild Child” and “Flesh ‘n’ Blood Kids,” released together as a limited edition vinyl pressing of 500 copies now re-released on the album “Explicit Pictures”.

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