Jaeson Tsu Liu aka TSUNANO is native of Taiwan, currently living in Shanghai. He is a part of this global generation for which music is a way to connect to the world.

Spearhead of the Shanghai underground scene and the first Chinese electronic music artist to sign with Universal outside of China.

Songwriter, composer, singer, and It Boy, Tsunano is as much as ease behind a microphone as behind decks at Baron Shanghai (DJ Resident) or on the cover of fashion magazines (Nylon Shanghai). He was also part of the 1st DJ TV Show in China: RAVE NOW, he also worked with both the finest european and chinese artists: The Magician, Lu Han, Vladimir Cauchemar, Momo Wu, Chris Lee, Wantigga.

Tsunano X Aazar – Doors

He first released two songs on Yellow Claw imprint: Barong Family, that’s how he got connected with Aazar, the Parisian Trap King and one half of Future Bass Powerband: Point Point. They became friends, and decided to blend their unique styles into “Doors”. While the chorus are clearly some typical Aazar/Point Point vibe the verses showcase Jaeson unique voice signature and production patterns.

Beyond the music, this song is also a message for an over-connected generation to open one’s mind and boundaries. From Shanghai to Paris there’s only few doors to open!