Tristan & the Plane is a family history. Two cousins, Tristan Boccara and Nathaniel Brendel, were raised as brothers in music and writing. At vocals, Tristan. In the songs Tristan takes care of the music and Nathaniel the lyrics.

Tristan is a pianist and director. Signed first under his own name to Mercury Records in France (Universal Music), he released several singles and has performed at significant venues around France and appeared in television programs in his country.

Following Tristan’s first single, many artists have asked the duo to write them songs, including the following:

In France:

– Julie Zenatti (Sony Music ). Gold disk for their song “Dans les yeux d’un autre”
– Ana Torroja, singer from the group Espagnol Mecano (BMG). “Apprends-moi”
– Billy Crawford (V2, Virgin). #11 in the Top 50. “Me Passer de toi”
– Enzo Enzo (BMG). “Mal de Terre”
– Diane Tell (BMG). “Innocente”
– Sandrine François (BMG). “Celui de trop” (Je ne dirai pas je t’aime)
– Cristina Marocco (EMI). “Camminare Sola”
Ludovic Delamoga (Polydor, Universal). First single, “C’est toi”

In Quebec:

– Jean–Sebastien Lavoie (La Nouvelle Star). “Le Dernier Survivant”
– Jean-Francois Breau (Musicor). Finalist, Star Academy. “Un Seul Dieu”
– Corneliu Montano (Musicor). Finalist, Star Academy “Un de Nous Deux”
– Marc-Adnre (Musicor). Finalist, Star Academy. “On Ne s’est pas encore tout dit”

In the US:

– Song for the independent film ‘Audrey’, presented at the Sundance Film Festival

Tristan composes jingles for television and Nathaniel recently adapted a musical into French called ‘The Full Monty’, performed in Paris theaters. With more than 100 songs in their catalogue, they have just produced an album entitled ‘A Walk in the Woods’ under the name ‘Tristan & the Plane’. It is available on all digital platforms and merchandisers.



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