“With a very personal style and universal at the same time, TOGUNA flirts with Ben Harper and John Butler with its own strong personality. With this irresistible groove which characterizes them, the members of Toguna drew their musical environment, defined their artistic color, asserting a universe where the reggae dances with the rock, the soul and the funk. It’s intense and powerful, musical rainbow which flies over the genres, the styles and fashions.” Frankie Pfeiffer (Paris-Move, Blues Magazine Fr/Uk, Classic Rock UK)

Winning the “Best Band of the Year” award at the Trophées des arts Afro-caribéens 2008 in Paris, the band signed on Sakifo Records/Wagram to release its first album Sans Frontieres.

With the acoustic version or the full band, their powerful live show has been acclaimed in Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa.. and they will be on tour in 2012 in USA, Japan, Africa, Europe to promote their new album « In Colors » (Sakifo Records/Wagram)

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