Just fifty years ago, a John Lennon full of youthful sap wrote “Please Please Me”with songwriting partner Paul, who will be the first # 1 Beatles. So much less focused on their personal enjoyment, Theodore Paul and Gabriel name their first album Please Her, Please Him, which you will agree, is already a sign of altruism and good qualities. Theodore, Paul & Gabriel re-visit with grace and candor of mind the folk rock of the late sixties as if they had strummed their guitars in the house of Mama Cass in Laurel Canyon, where Crosby Stills & Nash sang for the first time together in harmony before a Joni Mitchell and a troupe of hipsters trying to claim the anti-establishment culture as their own. With their little flawless EP, and a suffragette-like determination, they have cleared their way with machetes. Winner of the Inrockuptibles contest, they scoured the Parisian music scene and beyond.

Théodore, Paul & Gabriel – Slow Sunday from ChezEddy on Vimeo.