For quite a time I’ve suffered incurable disease
Horses stampede, rivers brim over
Slow moving sludge residing beneath
I am the rotting cedar of the bed frame
Anticipating untimely end, ghastly debut
We are irreversible unnumbered dice.

Howling vibrations, an enchanting metamorphosis. A womanly, ethereal voice tells tales of past and present lives. An endless path – a craving. A devotion to the overwhelming human desire to find passion and belonging. A proud offer recounting rituals and mysteries over tribal beats which pound mercilessly underneath waves of synth.

Rebekah is half English, half Syrian and the voice of the Living Gods of Haiti. Inspired by the architecture of words she approaches music in a macabre, sombre manner whilst retaining soft, delicate elements, often referencing the link between human mind and spirit to nature and the heavens – the invisible thread which binds the cosmos. Nature’s voodoo.

Marc’s blood is French and he spends most of his time in Paris working on a variety of projects. He met Rebekah in London and previously they worked together on his project, Nouvelle Vague and Hollywood Mon Amour where he invited her to be one of the chanteuses. They share a mutual love of New Wave/Ambient/World music and a keen interest in the works of Maya Deren, which led them to discussing the possibilities of working in a new realm together. The Living Gods Of Haiti were born from an idea of poetry, film and sound and later led into chants and songs. A beguiling mix which took time to germinate. Inspired by the works of Dead Can Dance, Sussan Deyhim, Maya Deren, David Sylvian, ethnic melodies and mystical beats.

Marc is a synth addict and manipulates sounds using rare beauties such as the Prophet VS, PPG Wave 2 and OB Xpander. Rebekah is devoted to words and uses the voice and the breath to delve into the mind, creating beautiful objects from anguished clay.

A sometimes, disparaging self analyse.
A sometimes, glorious, mirror like river, birds flying overhead.

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