The Legendary Tigerman is a one-man band show following the tradition of the roots and original Blues from the Mississippi’s delta, where the blues-men performed playing and singing alone, and improvising rythms in the dance halls of the deep South.

The Legendary Tigerman is Paulo Furtado (ex-Tédio-boys, Wraygunn ), the man behind the kick, the hi-hat, the kazzoo, and the guitar.

New album TRUE was released in all of Europe in March 2014.

Naked Blues (2001), Fuck Christmas, I got the blues (2003) and Masquerade (2006) are the three solo albums released by this one man band. Since his first record, The Legendary Tigerman has released his records in most of Europe and has performed in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Brasil and Japan.

2009 saw the release of his higly acclaimed album “Femina” including songs with Asia Argento, Peaches, Maria de Medeiros, Rita Redshoes & many more female guest stars.

True was released in 2014 and The Legendary Tigerman is currently showcasing it across Europe.
The Legendary Tigerman now plays live with a drummer (Paulo Segadães) and ocasionally with a Saxophone player (João Cabrita)