The new indie rock sensation with a French Flair.

The Dukes are based out of Phoenix and Paris. Created in January 2010, their first album, ‘Victory’was released in Europe in 2011 with Caroline Records/Universal. The Dukes gained attention for their mix of loud rock, pop, and blues and the album’s unusual production process, which is a sway from the usual French group.

Recorded in Umea, Sweden by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) and mixed in Brussels by Charles de Schutter, the album ‘Victory’ injected a dose of raw power on the European pop-rock scene. The Dukes are also visual artists. Their personage “Smoki”” is a half-wolf, half-crocodile created by Shanka, epitomizing the DIY fury and “Art’n’Roll” spirit that animates the group.

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