Tess Océane Joffroy was born in 1994 in Reunion Island. Her first passion was dancing, which she started at the age of 4 years. She only interrupted her practice to pursue her studies.

But an attraction chasing the other, Tess discovered another passion: music. Her inspiration range from Rihanna to Coldplay, Radiohead to Likke Li, Major Lazer to Drake, Tess is creating a playlist that she wants interactive.

A few years of classical guitar lessons have given her an ability to appropriate the songs of others. She remixed her favorite songs and posted videos of her covers on Youtube and Facebook.

It is through this channel that her interpretation of a song of Lilly Wood & The Prick retained in 2013, the attention of Pierre Guimard and Matthieu Tessier, founders of the label Choke Industry who invited her to their studio to give her a try.

It was a conclusive test, since she signed a contract and released her first title, Endlessly in 2016 (featuring American RnB artist A. CHAL). With her title “Love Gun”, she has already seduced Elton John.

Tess just released her first EP, self-titled via Polydor. The release of her full-length LP in on the horizon.

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