In 3 albums, European based rock band STEVANS has succeeded in making its mark on the music scene.

Opening for prestigious groups like Coldplay, Deep Purple, and Snow Patrol, STEVANS has performed around the world on some of the most reputable stages and festivals in London, New York, Paris, Vietnam, and Lisbon, including the Paleo Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival.

French-Swiss front man Yvan Franel and lead guitarist Yann Secrest work together to create STEVANS’ unique sound where post-modern disenchantment takes on the hue of a new transparent hedonism – where introspection won’t keep you from dancing. “We’re dancing, but we’re not fooled.”

STEVANS is a pastiche of vibrant echoes of the eighties where funky beats, sweet melodies, snippets of British pop and electronic sounds converge.

In March 2019, STEVANS is back with a flourish in the form of a new album, Renaissance, a highly evocative title given the name of their previous album, Rupture.

Over the course of three albums, the group STEVANS, which was founded by the French–Swiss Yvan Franel, has really left its mark on the musical landscape: songs that are still in our ears and on our lips (‘Monday’s wedding’, ‘The Backyard’, ‘When the Light is Gone’, etc.), concerts on the world’s biggest stages (Paleo Festival, Montreux Jazz, London, New York, Paris, Hamburg, to name but a few), prestigious supporting act gigs (Deep Purple, Kaiser Chiefs, Rita Mitsouko), work with talented artists (Will Jackson, Serge Morattel, Yann Rouiller) … STEVANS has forged its own unique path on the way to the release of its fourth album.

This new album covers a range of themes such as family, friendship, nostalgia, joy, desire, and dance… STEVANS plays with different codes without ever confusing them. They take us on a voyage that is simultaneously introspective and open to the world. This is what people love about STEVANS: their capacity to entertain us, move us, transport us into their universe; their desire to tell us their story so well that it becomes our story; with elements of Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Coldplay… a cocktail that is very much STEVANS and comes as a breath of fresh air, making us want to dance and rediscover the world around us.

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