Stéphane San Juan, a versatile musician, began his musical journey in Montpellier, France, refining his drumming and percussion skills with local ensembles. In 1995, he moved to London, collaborating with artists like Andy Sheppard and Sibongile Khumalo. His stint with the Malian duo Amadou & Mariam in Paris led to living in Mali, touring globally, and contributing to Grammy-nominated albums.

In 2000, Stéphane joined the +2’s in Rio de Janeiro, delving into Brazilian music. He co-founded bands like Os Ritmistas and Cometa and gained acclaim with Orquestra Imperial. His Brazilian chapter involved collaborations with renowned artists, earning accolades, including Latin Grammy Awards.

Venturing into artistic direction in 2009, Stéphane created the Gainsbourg Imperial Project in São Paulo, receiving acclaim and awards. Transitioning to solo endeavors, he released “Système de Son” in 2014, followed by “Saved by the Drums” in 2018, paying homage to his mentor.

Now, the artist introduces his latest acoustic trio project, drawing inspiration from African, Brazilian, and French music genres, fused with elements of jazz. While singing, San Juan plays acoustic drums and percussion, Kely Pinheiro adds her unique cello and vocal style, and Guilherme Monteiro accompanies on acoustic guitar, blending Brazilian essence with unconventional jazz. San Juan’s global musical education and collaborations with musicians like Amadou & Mariam, Caetano Veloso, David Byrne and Jane Birkin enrich his compositions, resonating with cultural diversity. Sung in French and Portuguese, his original repertoire adds linguistic depth to this unique musical exploration, promising a transcendent sonic journey uniting hearts and souls.