He’s back. Still the same but more unpredictable than ever. Twenty years after Boulevard (which sold 1 million albums), fifteen years after the multi-platinum, award-winning album Tourist (2.8 million copies sold worldwide) and a world tour spanning several continents, Ludovic Navarre, alias St Germain, is back in the studio again. A respected and undisputed master of electronic music for the past two decades, pioneer of the “French Touch” and creator of intelligent, sensual and original deep house music, St Germain has always been known for his uncanny ability to subtly blend machines and instruments, authentic roots and modern influences. His music is a complex blend, reflecting his love of the blues, jazz and Black music of all kinds, with hypnotic electronic loops and harmoniously intertwined vocal samples. Who can forget his renowned “Alabama Blues” or “Rose Rouge,” the hit single played all over the world… even during Rolling Stones’ concerts! In short, his work is a blend of exceptional music, from Detroit, USA, to Saint Germain, France, taking in Mississippi and, this time, West Africa. And now, according to St Germain, after acid jazz, nu jazz and deep house, it’s time to make way for Afro deep house.

‘St Germain’ is the #1 album at KCRW for the week of October 26, 2015!

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7/1 @ Brooklyn Mirage – Brooklyn, NY