Often cited as one of North Africa’s greatest female singer, Souad Massi is back on tour in a new program alongside two stage companions and friends, the percussionist Rabah Khalfa and the guitarist Mehdi Dalil.

Souad Massi’s reputation is forged on a solo career that now stretches back some 15 years. It is one that is driven by a fierce, politically-inspired determination and upholds the values of freedom in its constant fight against injustice. Her songs are imbued with love, bravery and protest against the intolerance in today’s world.

In this concert, Souad Massi sings titles from her sixth studio album El Mutakallimûn (Masters of the Word), created as a response to threats, and in which she brings back to life a set of Arabic poems that date back to the sixth century. Through the eloquent beauty of her voice, she has sought to remind the world of the creativity and acceptance that was prevalent in previous Muslim generations.

She also presents a selection of some of the greatest songs from her back catalogue such as ‘Yemma’ (Mummy I lie to You), Deb, Amessa (A day will come), ‘Hayati’ (My life)… The musical connection between Souad Massi and her musicians is nothing short of telepathic. Complemented by a deep love and respect for each other, it is with evident happiness that these
three appear on stage once again.

North America Tour – April 2018 – with Kiran Ahluwalia.

Souad Massi has been invited to participate in the LoveFest project, initiated by the Indo-Canadian artist Kiran Ahluwalia.

Conceived as “an eclectic celebration of love and diversity through music and dance”, it will gather, besides Souad Massi and Kiran Ahluwalia, Bhai Kabul Singh, a trio of Sikh spiritual music and Abul Gheit Whirling Dervishes, performers of Tanoura (a Sufi dance from Egypt) on a North American tour.

The first four dates will take place with this scenic form, the other three only with Souad Massi and Kiran Ahluwalia.

This project is the opportunity for Souad Massi to reconnect with a territory – North America -where she has not performed in concert since 2012.

She will go there with the trio currently on tour, with the percussionist Rabah Khalfa and guitarist Mehdi Dalil.


4/8 @ Berklee Performance Center – Boston, MA

4/12 @ Oakville Center for the Performing Arts – Oakville, Canada

4/13 @ First Ontario Performing Arts Center – St Catherines, Canada

4/14 @ Harbourfront Theater – Canton, MI

4/17 @ Theatre Outremont – Montreal, Canada

4/19 @ Triple Door – Seattle, WA

4/20 @ Cowel Theater – San Francisco, CA