IMG_5713Since his debut in 2002 with the EP ‘Weeping Willow’ – a true hymn to melancholia and solitary wanderings – Sébastien Schuller has built a repertoire for himself, sailing between electronic and acoustic, pop songs to cinematographic instrumental tracks. His first LP ‘Happiness’ reaped ample critical acclaim and established itself as one of most original albums of the year 2005. He then went on to compose several film scores, namely for directors Franck Guérin and Julie Lopes Curval, before releasing ‘Evenfall’ in May 2009.

Now living in Philadelphia, Sébastien delivers his third album, ‘Heat Wave’, which came out September 1st 2014. More electronic than its predecessors, this album combines ethereal dance tracks (“Nightlife”, “Regrets”) to melodic pop songs with hints of new-wave (“Memory”, “Endless Summer”), and closes on “Tropical Storm”, an instrumental track inspired by hurricane Irene from the summer of 2011.

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