saycet 1Saycet is a name that’s been on an increasing number of lips over the last few years, like a secret too precious to keep to oneself. With just a few releases to his name, the project by Parisian producer Pierre Lefeuvre has elegantly evolved in a resolutely modern fashion, attracting attention more or less everywhere around the world from people who like their music electronic and heavy with organic emotion. Using electronic music as his original inspiration, and influenced by the hypnotising, minimal sounds of both Germany and Iceland, Saycet has matured his sound thanks to intensive touring of Europe, Russia and Asia, gaining international fans at every stop. His new (third) album, due for release in early 2015, was nourished by this experience of travelling and playing live over the past few years. More directly, the new Saycet has taken inspiration from images and forms (a certain interest for design, architecture, and visits to Le Corbusier’s ‘Cité radieuse’), widening his style to include pop and radiant sonic mirages in which one can get deeply, deeply lost. The aim is no longer to choose between black and white and spirals of colours, but to stimulate emotion and take you on a journey, without or without a return ticket.

On stage, Pierre is accompanied by Louise Roam (vocals, violin, keyboards) and Zita Cochet (stage design, video projection)

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