Rover released his first record in 2012, a sort of visceral electric brilliance, draped in red velvet where it was possible to forget. Rover has given over 200 concerts since, has crossed borders, crossed people’s souls. When we see him, we can not help but see a colossal, airy silhouette.

An angelic voice that resonates. “Let It Glow”, his second disc is stuffed with crystalline, rocky songs, a new chapter. Rover wrote often at night and recorded on tape. He produced the album himself, and recorded in a studio in Britany, Kerwax. “Let It Glow” is a record not of its time but for its time. It is Bowie, Lennon and all those whom we shall be willing to find. Rover is not a usurper. Is it pop, is it rock? We do not know and to tell the truth, we don’t care.

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