Renaissance Man’s debut ‘Spraycan’ was released in 2008 followed by ‘Rhythm’ on the Kitsuné Maison 7 compilation in early 2009. A subsequent EP on the Parisian label Sound Pellegrino launched title track ‘What is Guru’ as one of the year’s underground hits, making Renaissance Man highly sought-after remixers for the likes of Brodinski, Crystal Fighters, and Health. Renaissance Man performed across four continents in major clubs (Social Club/Paris, Hive/Zurich, WMF/Berlin) and festivals (Stereosonic/Australia, Les Transardentes/Belgium, Igloofest/Montreal). The mayhem looks set to continue in 2010 with at least two new records, including an EP on the Made to Play Label, remixes for The Very Best, Solo and The Crookers, plus numerous international shows.

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