As a superb instrumentalist, gifted vocalist, and masterful composer, Sibille can be found captivating listeners worldwide with his pure blues, soulful sound.

Bluesman, Pierre Sibille grew up on a farm in the South of France.  At the age of three, Pierre’s musical journey began with playing the harmonica. Realizing early his talent and appreciation for music, his parents started him with classical piano lessons by the age of six. Pierre’s growing fascination with Blues music and artists such as Ray Charles, Nina Simone, and Memphis Slim led him to trade in his classical studies for a more self-taught approach to piano. By fourteen years old Pierre was playing professionally, and by nineteen he landed a gig at the prestigious Jazz club Les Trois Maillets.  Sibille refined his playing at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, and also studied business marketing to appease his worried parents. With his business school acumen Pierre founded an association called Blues Up: a collective venture that puts sharing and exchanging centerstage by encouraging independent musicians around the world to feature one another on stage and recordings.

Blues Up is steadily expanding with Jazz, Blues, Reggae, and Soul artists from Canada, France, Haiti, Jamaica, Sénégal, UK,  and the USA. In addition to Blues Up, Sibille continues to be referenced as a top Blues and Soul musician, singer, and songwriter in France.

Over the past five years, Pierre Sibille has become one of the few French musicians to manage success within the United States.

In 2013, his first album SINCE I AIN’T GOT YOU  was well received within the US. The album’s compositions masterfully blend together American soul with Sibille’s own musical originality.

In 2011, Pierre was invited to New York City to play at Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson’s Sugar Bar. Impressed with Sibille’s’ compositions and original styling as a harmonicist, pianist, and singer, Pierre was able to establish a residency at NYC’s legendary Sugar Bar.

Pierre’s 2015 album Catch Me I’m Falling received Valerie Simpson’s participation on the song Light In Senegal. For his last opus, Pierre worked on a tribute to one of his favorite songwriters, Bob Dylan. The album Peace Love & Bob Dylan tastefully combines a selection of realistic Dylan text along with some original compositions that embody musical elements of Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Reggae.

Overall the album exemplifies Sibille’s unlimited source of talent that continues to emerge in diverse ways.


10/3 @ Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar

10/10 @ Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar

10/17 @ Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar

10/24 @ Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar

10/31 @ Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar