Pauline was born in Avignon in September 1996, growing up with her mother, brother and stepfather.

She started drawing as soon as she was old enough to pick up a pencil. Her father, a painter, had always encouraged her to find her artistic way and to express herself with confidence. Meanwhile, her stepfather taught her how to mix on the turntables and introduced her to soul, rap and folk music. From her mother, she learnt independence and happiness. From her brother, how to bake the perfect cake.

At school, she studied art alongside the usual curriculum. At 16 and jobless she started busking with a friend, performing cover versions of songs by artists such as Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground, The Doors and Radiohead. Her voice charmed her audience, with some people paying to hear more and coming back the next day for an encore.

At 17, she took part in ‘La Nouvelle Star’, a talent show on French TV. For two months she sang on prime time in front of over a million viewers. The experience was like a fantastic summer camp, but once it was over she returned to school, more determined than ever to control her destiny and focus on her two passions: drawing and music.

Last year she moved to Paris to continue her illustration studies and met Axel Concato, a composer at the head of his own empire (Axel And The Farmers, My Bee’s Garden – ex-Melody’s Echo Chamber, 99 Trees). Artistic-wise, it was love at first sight!

Her new artist name: Pi Ja Ma.
A deep, full and clear voice. A ray of light.
Her inspirations: Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground, Beach House, Broadcast, Mazzy Star, Cat Power.

Her first EP, Radio Girl, is a journey into her 60s pop influences.

The single ‘Radio Girl’ is a lively piece of pop candy, teasingly not as innocent as it seems. ‘In The Air’, a piece of lazily dreamy psyche pop is followed with ‘By The River’, a sublime and melancholic folk ballad that is pure poetry, with the orchestral arrangements to prove it. The demo version of ‘By The River’ closes the album on a more intimate, acoustic note.

Of course, the artwork is created by Pauline under her LeBeb moniker.

Welcome at Pi Ja Ma’s !