A year and a half after the very successful release of Petit Biscuit, his first EP, the wunderkind of French electro is back with his debut album Presence. Across all 14 tracks, the LP combines ambient, techno, and house, with tailored arrangements, both classical and modern. A personal and creative opus stretched over intricate rhythmic patterns that transforms the 2015 rookie into a distinguished artist.

Mehdi is back from a whirlwind experience following the triumph of his hit song “Sunset Lover” (over 500 million streams and counting), now stepping up to the plate with renewed enthusiasm. Performing his last EP around the world, with sold-out dates in the US and Europe, has taught the precocious 18-year-old a great deal, helping him grow up as an artist, and figure out where he wants his career to take him. With Presence, Petit Biscuit puts forward energetic and vivacious tracks, in a cohesive series of musical fire starters. The album ignites and inspires ceaselessly, expertly conducted by the wise-beyond-his-years teenager. Petit Biscuit is an author, a composer, a singer and a producer, longside leading his own label, Petit Biscuit Music, and remaining an independent act throughout.


3/1 @ Noise Pop Festival – San Francisco, CA

3/2 @ CRSSD Fest – San Diego

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