Globetrotting producer Onra has staked his claim as one of the most exciting beat-makers of the past few years, thanks to releases like the 80’s Funk beat album Long Distance, various Boogie edits and his Chinoiseries collections (made with Chinese music samples found while traveling Asia).

His talent for delivering emotive, soulful hip-hop that really hits the spot is demonstrated through his multitude of releases since 2006. Hailing from Paris, Arnaud has produced six albums and even more EPs. Through his various releases, Onra evidently takes influences from a hugely eclectic range of sounds, from Jazz through to Funk and RnB; carefully and respectfully using these styles to craft a unique and refreshing take on traditional Hip-Hop.

Onra founded his own label NBN Records in 2017 and the label already has a number of quality Hip-Hop and R&B releases planned out for 2019.


4/3 @ 1720 – Los Angeles, CA

4/4 @ The Continental – San Jose, CA

4/10 @ The Hi-Fi – Indianapolis, IN

4/11 @ The Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT

4/20 @ Floyd Miami – Miami, FL

4/25 @ Brooklyn Bazaar – Brooklyn, NY

4/26 @ Newspeak – Montreal, Canada

4/27 @ U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC

4/28 @ Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

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