OAKMAN is Marine (lead voce/guitar) and the brothers Gayaud : Gérémia (bass) and Jesse (drums).
They come from Lyon, east of France and play pop-punk, an emotional kind of rock, nervous and melodic.
Now in their twenties, they bathed in the 90’s US rock revival led by Nirvana, Soundgarden, Basement, Citizen or Manchester Orchestra.

Marine writes in English, naturally. Her songs are about human relationships, things unsaid, love stories, but also nature and hope. Part of the emotion comes from the strength and power of the sound, but from Marine’s voice too, sometimes raging, sometimes delicate, building up a contrast between aggression and solace.

The band popped up on the Lyon rock scene in 2016. A 4-track-self-produced debut EP Waterscape was released in October. Then they started touring and seem to never stop ! In France but also in England, Italy and Japan where the band is due to come back in 2019. A second EP Plastic World was released in October 2018, mixed by Sam Pura (State Champs, Story So Far) in Fremont, CA, USA.

OAKMAN are really serious and active about their international career. Through social networks, long-distance collaborations, regular touring, their wish to play abroad, and the success they meet each time, keep getting stronger each year.


6/19 @ Piano’s – New York, NY

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