Following on from his first EP «DAY» which took us on a 17 minutes long journey, Night Night is coming back with «AFTER DAY» : three tracks establishing his skill in progressive music, in which multiple layers create a heady electronic universe.

From the transcendental rise of «Lulla», to the rhythmic explosions of «In My Dream» or the vehemence from «Where Do You Go», Night Night sticks to his ability to mix analogic and acoustic to create an intense and complex atmosphere. While Night Night’s guitar remains the unifying thread, «AFTER DAY» layers more vocals, used as yet another instrument. In between melodic take-offs and electronic cadences, the litany of echoed lyrics produces a bewitching music.

Night Night’s music experience transcends on stage : distraught effects, expressive riffs and powerful baselines keep the crowd on edge up until the last bar. Every show is an improvisation, an invitation to transe and dance from which you return in sweat and definitely not the same.