nancy daninoThe sultry voice of singer/songwriter Nancy Danino has been the highlight of everything from film soundtracks to Scandinavian pop hits.

Born in Israel and raised in France, her very first collaboration was with the YELLOW PRODUCTION team of techno/acid jazz sound designers, appearing on their 1999 Psychodelico album (Bob Sinclar). Techno artist SNOOZE heard the album, fell in love with Nancy’s voice, and selected her to record vocals for his first album on Belgian label Crammed. With Nancy as lead vocalist, she and Snooze recorded two albums and toured all over Europe together. She also provided the vocals to the main theme of Tokyo Eyes, a very ‘Nouvelle Vague’ French movie which went to the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2002, Sweden¹s leading pop act KENT (BMG Music Publishing Scandinavia) contacted Nancy and together they wrote and recorded a duet that became a huge hit in Scandinavia, staying number 1 for more than 6 months. While she was in Stockholm for the recording, she met with the Eclectic team, Anders Hansson and Johan Åberg (responsible for hits for Christina Aguilera, Cher and many other artists). The meeting began a long partnership in songwriting, both for Nancy¹s own album and for songs to plug.

In 2004, Nancy recorded a French/English duet with Irish artist Perry Blake.
The song stayed at number three on the Irish singles chart for an amazing eight weeks.

She kept busy with different projects, writing and adapting songs for other artists in France and in the US, collaborating with French DJ and Saint Germain’s former partner SHAZZ on his album ‘Beautiful’ in 2005, recording the soundtrack of Olivier Marshall’s movie ‘Partir and of the TV Show Largo Winch, or with Marc Collin in 2008, producer of the fantastic Nouvelle Vague albums. Nancy performs the song ‘Reality’ in his beautiful project, ‘Hollywood, mon Amour’, alongside other singers like Juliette Lewis, Cibelle, Yael Naim and Sky from Morsheeba.

Since bursting on the scene with Snooze, Nancy has worked with the most eminent electronic minds in France and Europe. In 2007, she made a big move when she accepted BMG Music Publishing’s invitation to come to NY to finish the writing of her album. Nancy just listened to her heart, took the risk to leave everything in Europe to move on to the next level and pursue her dreams in America. She met and wrote some beautiful new songs with the amazing NYC based songwriters Jeff Cohen, Jeff Franzel and Cliff Goldmacher, as well as Tom Kimmel in Nashville. Coming from the electronic music, Nancy wanted to write a personal album, with intimate, personal still powerful and timeless songs. And she did.

She built her own label, and started the production of the album with her band she already started to perform with all over the city. She has been performing her own original songs in the city, in venues as prestigious as The Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Greenhouse, The Box NYC, Drom and the Cutting Room.

Today the album is finished, and scheduled to be released Wednesday January 28th 2015 at Joe’s Pub NY, with the label YEBO founded by Colin Finkelstein (EMI).

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