On one side, Hugo Lab, 26, a smart-looking guitarist brought up on classical music. On the other, Alex Enki, 25, beat-making master, more attuned to the metallic feel of machines than the organic wood of instruments. Before he even picked up his first Fender, the former never parted from his cello, which he carried to music school, where he did his apprenticeship. While his partner was being classically trained, learning to read music, the latter was making his debut producing electro music thanks to new mixing software, developing a craft for the perfect beat. While Hugo kicked off his first Rock band, The Enjoys, Alex piled on House remixes, sonic experiences and DJ sets until he found his own signature: an astute rhythmic precision that could carry any melody. This duality was the foundation of the house-pop duo Montmartre‘s unique sound.

What could have really brought the two young Frenchmen together, if it wasn’t, as for many bands, the fact they were rubbing shoulders on the benches of a music college in the suburbs of Paris? The duo came together around the mutual desire to move away from the usual rock and electro sounds, and go beyond those established boundaries. A partnership that suggested freedom to both of them.

The duo breathes through a natural bond, which spawned a first EP, Inside Of Me, revolving around the bouncy single. Montmartre was born. Adding a few remixes to their name, they now feature on blogs’ and music websites’ watchlists. The first being unofficial (Adela, Daft Punk), followed by more official requests (Asgeir, London Grammar, Bob Marley), that catches the attention of bloggers and musical websites.

Their remix of Happy by C2C lands them on the podium of the remix contest organised by the famous DJ Crew. DJ Atom (from C2C) also ends up mixing Inside Of Me.

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