Of French origin, Miss Elie lives in New York, USA. A composer, songwriter and performer, her talents as a multiinstrumentalist poet are the result an atypical career ranging from the electronic scene to contemporary music, as well as dance and theatre. Accomplished artist Miss Elie has a large panel of expression. Going from rock energy to melancholy blues, somewhere in between Nina Simone’s swing and Björk’s lyrical flights, some will find a hint of Radiohead. But it is beyond the straitjacket of genres where alchemy operates. Pure and organic sounds, subtly tinged with electronics, come to heighten the sensuality of a song with inimitable texture. This musicality, both free and precise, releases anger and excitement, joy and sadness, in a crazy energy that makes each performance a unique moment.

Because it is on stage that Miss Elie feels the most accomplished. Within a round, reassuring and powerful electronic bass, travelling through the humming layers of the synthesizer, the drummer unfurls a transcendent rhythm that sustains the tension of the Fender-Rhodes chords.

Miss Elie is constantly searching for the awakening of the senses, a perpetual movement. She laughs at conventions by unleashing a new voice which releases the weight of time and explodes the codes of the actual « musical fastfood”. This is what she calls “Parrhesia Music” : described as saying something boldly and freely without leaving any doubt behind. A musical form of contrasts where the sweet rubs against the bitter, where the madness meets the rigor, where the lightness becomes profound.

This virtuosity, Miss Elie channels through her political and philosophical battles. Because this is also what “serves” Art! Her lyrics advocate for feminism, for the LGBTQ cause, alongside the marginalized, the sick, against the poor conditions of detention and against all forms of exclusion. A woman’s howl that addresses herself to the powerful. It is a way to be involved, to search and explore our world that continues to reinvent itself.