“Romantic rock, princely groove and off the wall poetry” – Le Monde
“Minuit is the up-and-coming rock band” – L’Express
“Minuit” is the French word for “Midnight”.

A simple, frank and powerful word that goes straight to the point, that sounds the start of the party, the end of the day, the uncertain future, the fateful hour when the impossible becomes possible. Minuit.

Five souls, five friends, five musicians, all composers.
Tanguy Truhé, drums. Raoul Chichin, guitar. Joseph Delmas, guitar. Klem Aubert, bass. Simone Ringer, vocals. In 2013, at barely 20, they decided to go for it, body and soul.

Their motto might be: “To do things seriously without taking ourselves seriously.” When they talk about their hybrid songs, songs that can darken the dancefloor as well as invite people to embark on a voyage without a passport, the thing that comes through is their strong craving, a joyful force, total excitement. Their music is like life itself: full of different, paradoxical and complex emotions; their music knows that limits are there to be pushed, that you should go forward, whatever it takes; that pleasure comes through work, through wanting to do well, better, always.

Their First EP is already a success in France and has sold nearly 10 000.
They are now recording their much anticipated debut album due for release end of 2016.