Michelle Blades is a Mexican-Panamanian artist born into a family salsa musicians. When she was 6 her family moved to Miami to avoid the violent political situation in the country.

She grew up around cumbia, salsa, dembow and son while moving from recording studio to studio with her family.

At the age of eighteen, she moved to Arizona and started working with local independent label River Jones Music recording her first EPs and albums. At the same time she started North Dakota with her friends Emily Hobeheidar & Mo Neuharth (Numb Bats, Nanami Ozone) and playing noisier shows in the desert scene. After a handful of tours in Europe Michelle settled in Paris, working with Midnight Special Records and releasing all her material with the local label.

In 2015 her first LP in France « ATARAXIA » was released on Midnight Special Records , the promotional tour took her to UK, Germany, Italy, USA and France where she impressed with her stage skills. Around that time that she mixed her influences from her various projects, inspired by Cate Le Bon, Frank Zappa, Delia Derbyshire and the 70’s prog and glam era.

From late 2016 to up until Spring 2018 Michelle played bass, synth & some vocals with Fishbach for the “À ta merci” tour around Europe & Canada. You could also catch Michelle behind a camera, making music videos for Cléa Vincent, Laure Briard, Numb Bats, Sofía Bolt, KIM, Alma Forrer and her own project.

Ever since recording songs on GarageBand in Miami and collaborating in Arizona she hasn’t stopped moving and creating music. In 2018 she released her LP recorded with her band in an analog studio in the south of France, melting psychedelic compositions with spaced out baroque-y folk arrangements into the sounds of a restless wanderer.

In 2019, she will release her last album Visitor, out March 29 on Midnight Special Records & Domino Publishing.


5/9 @ The Basement Nashville – Nashville, TN

5/10 @ TBA – Cincinnati, OH

5/11 @ TBA – Appleton, WI

5/14 @ Sleeping Village – Chicago, IL

5/15 @ Deluxx Fluxx – Detroit, MI

5/18 @ Bar Le Ritz PDB – Montreal, Canada

5/20 @ Arts Riot – Burlington, VT

5/21 @ The Wooden Panel – Northampton, MA

5/22 @ BSP Kingston – Kingston, NY

5/23 @ Union Pool – New York, NY

5/25 @ Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA

5/26 @ War3house – Swarthmore, PA

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