“What you first notice about Maylin is her voice: a voice with great range that feels at ease in every register and that can play with all the facets of her warm and spellbinding timbre” (Concert review from “les dernières nouvelles d’Alsace”, February 3, 2015) In the tracks of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Blind Willie Johnson and John Lee Hooker to name a few, joining the family of her contemporaries Ben Harper and Valerie June, Maylin embraces the spirit of bluesmen in a simple, raw and direct manner. Inspired by them, she leans on the healing vibrations of the human voice and a stripped instrumentation, to rise above hardships and create hope for herself and for society. Accompanied on stage by Pat Boudot-Lamot (guitar), Maylin sings her story with a dark, sensual and warm voice.

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