Asked to describe his album in one sentence, the concise and enigmatic Mat3r Dolorosa chimes, “In a Noisy Blast is born a road to Light”. This reference to Milton and his Paradise Lost  first, in that it evokes the long way as much as the origin, the Creation. Crosses and melded figures: The one of Human and his chaotic achievement, or Lucifer, Light angel dismissed to the abyss. In the end, who is the real Son of light? As for “Noisy Blast”, it’s a creative blast of air as much as an elimination. To understand is to deconstruct, to erase the subterfuges, the misleading, the superfluous, the parasites to reach the truth. This strong blast of air, it’s also a research, a quest, a meaning. To find his way through the darkness, and understand his own long way to connect the separate elements to get to a global vision. Mat3r Dolorosa enjoys his way of being “back and forth” and his fragile margin which topples us easily. In this way, his melodies go through the infinite variations of acoustics, textures, rhythms which metamorphosis and impose feelings and a perception completely different of the whole.


New Video and Album from Mat3R Dolorosa

Recently included on the France Rocks College Radio Compilation, Mat3r Dolorosa just released his new album ‘A NOISY BLAST – SON OF LIGHT’. To promote the album (out now via Jarring Effects), Mat3r Dolorosa has just released the video for their track, “Son of Light”, which you can watch below

Mat3r Dolorosam invites us on an epic sound trip, on the background of clocks, mechanical toys, movies’ sets, industrial and organic rhythms. His works find their place between electronica, abstract hip-hop & progressive electro.