After some experiences with surf music and then playing with bands like Catchers and Hero X’S, the pitiless Looch Vibrato made use of his crazy talents to corrupt innocent creatures with his weapon of choice – rock’n’roll. He captured his prey, Aggy Sonora, in 1998. But the innocent charm of Miss Sonora quickly gave way to her appearance as the Queen of the Bad Beat and the primitive concerts of the fifties. Out of this unhealthy magic of Magnetix (Looch Vibrato on guitar, Aggy Sonora on drums) will come a new expression – “Rock Monster.” Noticed by the record label Yakisakana, Magnetix joins those groups who are in the same mood of clean garage punk hi-fi music to get a radical sound – needles in the red and cracking guitars. No one can deny that during this period, The Gories and Oblivians gave birth to thousands of groups without bass guitars, so how can Magnetix make their own mark? First of all, thanks to their skillful that combines all sorts of influences – the most evident being Mummies or Music Machines, as well as more complex ones like Dean Carter (imagine The Sonics being a rockabilly group, or that Hasil Adkins sang for just one day with The 13th Floor Elevators!). Besides with the breadth of their personal touch, mixing systematic improvisation with already existing pieces, The Magnetix knows how to preserve an original freshness and an inalterable power.

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