The bar is packed to capacity. Everyone has a drink in their hand. A beautiful mix of hip-hop, new wave, indie rock and electro blares from the speakers. Brothers Gideon and Nick Black, along with guitarist “The Real”Erich Schneider, bassist Alex “Mokajin” Pauley, DJ/producer C-Minus and producer/engineer Ed Monsef have captured that euphoric late-night vibe that rewards those who toil through the week, longing for the youthful exuberance that this setting provides.

But this perfect scenario, like anything in life, didn’t come easy. After releasing two successful indie hip-hop records and becoming one of the bigger names in the LA underground hip-hop scene, Lexicon became frustrated. At first they were content in simply being a part of the scene they grew up admiring and idolizing — they were more concerned with impressing the discerning underground heads than blowing up. But as the scene grew stale Lexicon knew that something needed to change. So instead of building on the props they’d achieved in the underground scene, they tore it all down, in order to build something different.
Calling upon for inspiration all of the rock and new wave music that blared from their parents speakers while they were growing up, Lexicon realized that by combining these elements with their deep knowledge of hiphop they could finally express themselves the way they wanted to, while helping make music exciting again for all of those kids out there who have all sorts of genres and styles thrown together on their iPods.

Mixing their broad range of influences from the A Tribe Called Quest to The Strokes to The Police to N.E.R.D. to Roxy Music…these seasoned vets flawlessly flow their way through this new sound with an appealing confidence and an ever-present sense of humor. Their inherent knack for wordplay and songwriting results in vivid imagery and entertaining slice-of-life stories that are relatable to anyone. Signed to Paris-based Laitdbac Records since late 2008, Lexicon released two acclaimed singles, and played numerous shows and festivals around Europe to pave the way for the release of the long-awaited album Rapstars was released September 2010.

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