As a member of Stereolab, Lætitia Sadier helped to champion analog synthesizers during an era when fetishism for all things digital was on the rise, the British group took cues from Krautrock, lounge music, psychedelic rock and minimalism, still managing to be one of the more progressive bands of their time.

Sadier’s cool, instantly recognizable voice recalled French pop singers of the 1960s. There was an amusing irony that she was cooing anti-consumerist messages and Marxist ideology, themes she has retained in her solo work. (She was born in Paris during May, 1968, after all.)

Sadier has also carried much of Stereolab’s sound into her three solo albums, and her voice is such a focal point it’s often overlooked that she is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, keyboards, percussion and trombone

June 7@ Northside Festival / National Sawdust, Northside Festival

June 8 @ National Sawdust

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