One year. This is how long KID WISE, six boys from Toulouse, France, needed to record their first album “L’innocence”, and to be signed to The Wire Records (Universal Music France), offering a follow-up to their very noticed EP “Renaissance”.

kid wise 1

Inhabited by a carefree energy and always driven by their tremendous musical appetite, the band never set limits to themselves.

While knowing how to keep the spontaneity and the freshness of their first singles, they offer a plural and ambitious album today, condensed by a progressive and melancholic pop.

Emerging from the vibrant rock scene in Toulouse, France, Kid Wise is an indie pop band led by the young pianist / singer Augustin Charnet, joined in autumn 2012 by five musicians around his first EP “Wisdom.” The group is preparing to release a second EP with string and brass musicians from France, Belgium and England.

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