• Kid Francescoli, With Julia

In the Summer of 2009, the young Marseillan Mathieu Hocine a.k.a Kid Francescoli accepted an invitation from a friend newly installed in New York to visit the Big Apple. With no particular itinerary, he embarked on a two-month adventure, a period he would later describe as “one of the happiest in my life.”

 He fell in love with Julia Minkin, who showed up at a solo gig he played on the Lower East Side, the night before he left for a cross-country road trip. Upon his return to New York, Kid Francescoli received this enigmatic message from Julia: “do you wanna sing sometime?”.

This time of child-like adventure would spurn a romantic and musical relationship with Julia, whose name graces Francescoli’s album, With Julia which is the soundtrack to their love and break-up story. Kid Francescoli hired magicians of the French electronic elite, putting Simon Henner (a wizard with analog synthesizers from the band Nasser) in charge of production, while Krikor adds the final touch with brilliant mixing. The LP will be released on March 16.

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Original Soundtrack by KID FRANCESCOLI
out March 11th
Movie in Theater March 30th

Catch Kid Francescoli on his current world tour “LOVERS“: Mexico, Los Angeles, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Berlin, New York…and more to be announced! Come dance and dream to the classic hit Moon, which just reached 300 million official streams

Directed by Mathieu Rozé with Valérie Donzelli, “Azuro”, shot in Marseille, is based on “The Little Horses of Tarquinia” a 1953 novel wrote by Marguerite Duras. Original soundtrack full of cinematic cosmic melancholic love vibes by the leader of the French Riviera touch

KID FRANCESCOLI‘s catalog, including his collabs (French 79, Husbands…) and remixes (Blow, Alpes, Sarah Rebecca…), are available for sync, all one stop through ALTER K