If you thought French Touch was a style of electronic music that only survived during the late 1990s and the early 2000s, you were wrong. The style definition should also be labeled onto several French artists of the new generation. Today, more than twenty years after Daft Punk’s Homework or Air’s Moon Safari, French Touch is definitely still alive in the hands of Kazy Lambist, among others. This young man from Montpellier, a city in the South of France, has become a mastermind of electronic music. Arthur Dubreucq (Kazy Lambist’s real name) was only a toddler during the first wave of French Touch but he has learnt his lessons conscientiously. In 2018, when he released his first album, 33 000 Ft., his smart electro-pop impressed his fans. Listening to his music makes you travel and daydream away from reality. Apparently, Kazy Lambist has got his pilot’s licence for gliders and this is not really surprising considering the kind of aerial, ethereal music that he makes, and the title of his album.

Like many artists of his generation, Kazy Lambist made his first artistic steps online. Thanks to the songs and videos he started posting, he became a new sensation of the French electro scene, especially when he was a finalist at the Inrocks Lab award in 2015. Several EPs have followed and many tours too. His career intensified after the release of 33 000 Ft. when he played many concerts in France and even Europe. The daydream is not going to stop now.

3/20 @ Powabunga Festival – Crystal Bay, NV
4/17-18 @ Ford Field – Vail, CO