Born into a cosmopolitan family scattered all around the world, one day Joe Bel chose to interupt her “History of Art and Literature” studies to plunge into music. As a self-taught musician & singer, her instincts drove her to give her first solo gigs with a guitar in 2012. Less than a year later, Asaf Avidan offered her to open his concerts on his 2013’s Tour. She seized the chance to share this experience with him all around Europe and performed in many venues and concert halls such as the Olympia (Paris, France).  Then, shortly after her own German Tour on summer 2014, Joe Bel locked herself in a recording studio, and now – in early 2015 – is happy to release her second EP “Hit the Roads”, which is full of with vibrant bass, intense rhythms and inspired piano melodies.

–   In The City / 2012 / Grande Route & La Ruche
–   Hit The Roads / 2015 / ARCHIPEL

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