Credit photos: Maxime leyvastre

Jackie Moontan is as poetic as absurd, like a sunburn under the moon. Naive and sentimental, gifted with an almost accidental persipicuity, he sails through the streets and flats, and through people’s lives. Embroidered with pop sounds, as well as funk or disco, Jackie is adorned with a costume that comes straight from the 80s. Flirting with kitsch, he is always saved by his love of self-mockery. Discreet observer but fabulous crooner, he relates with tenderness the stories that surround him and colorfully bind everything together.

His first EP is called “Zoo” – and in this strange gallery of portraits of humans and animals, Jackie Moontan embodies the chameleon, changing skin to better infiltrate. From thick synthesizer layers, to funky bass unctuous like cream through drum machines, everything exudes those famous years when excess was at its peak.

Last but not least, here is the voice of Jackie Moontan: sometimes playful, sometimes screaming and sometimes even, sensual and full of confidence just like a romantic womanizer.