Open a dictionary to the letter ‘G’ and you’ll find that the word ‘Gush’ is very evocative. ‘Gush’ can mean ‘a sudden, copious outflow,’ ‘to spring forth in great volume,’ ‘to emit abundantly,’ ‘to express emotion without restraint,’ or ‘to discharge liquid in a rapid and plentiful stream.’ The fact that these four young French musicians chose this word as their band’s name could also have different connotations depending on who you ask. But the quirky word also emphasizes that all their songs are written and sung in English. Whatever the intended significance, GUSH remain true to the word and all it’s symbolism.

As their website and album art of teh band springing forth from a deep puddle suggests, these guys are the epitome of the word ‘Gush’. They are overflowing with talent and enthusiasm. They burst forth into the French music scene in such a big way that when you listen to their addictive debut or witness the sheer energy of their live shows, you cannot help but gush about them. If you believe rock bands must always have a ringleader, think again. GUSH has four of them, four lead singers, four MC’s, four very distinct creative energies: Yan, Xavier, Mathieu and Vincent.

The four take turns at singing lead vocals with each having their own unique style. But when they come together, they produce such a sweet harmony. The guys pool their ideas and share their desires democratically. On stage and in the studio, these multi’skilled musicians can jump from one instrument to another with incredible ease. If the quartet shows an astonishing alchemy, it’s because they’re a family affair. Xavier and Vincent are brothers who picked up The Beatles in their living room as teenagers. Their cousin Mathieu taught himself classical piano before becoming electrified by Nirvana. Mathieu’s cousin Yan was raised on rock by his English mother and his father, who was in a French pop group. The guys grew up loving vocal harmonies, like in Bob Marley & The Wailers or Funkadelic, and they developed a natural talent in harmonizing that has since become their signature style.

Their first album, recorded using traditional analog methods, features spectacular swerves in genres embraced with astonishing flexibility and appetite. The band clocked up to 150 gigs since 2010. They’ve supported major French artists such as M and Yodelice as well as performing at big summer festivals and selling out La Cigale and Bataclan in Paris. GUSH was nominated for the Prix Constantin Awards in 2010 as well as for the Best Live Band category for the Victoires de la Musique. Currently GUSH is in pre-production on their second album, which was recorded this past September and October for a release in Spring 2012.

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