In 2000 Gotan Project, the trio founded by Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph H. Müller released their debut album La revancha del tango. With this record Gotan Project delivered the sweetest revenge for Tango, bringing the sexy music and the sound of Argentina to the world. Now the sound of Gotan Project is synonymous with cool and chic from the clubs of New York to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

With their second album Lunático (2006) Gotan Project breathed more live recording and jazz influence into their sound. Much imitated, Gotan Project has learned to appreciate the compliment and after 2 million sales and 400 concerts, they are back with their 3rd studio album the magnificent Tango 3.0.

La revancha del tango made it into The Guardian top 100 albums of the decade and now Tango 3.0 will lead the way into a new decade with its cinematic vision and its invocation of not only Buenos Aires but also the Mississippi delta blues from New Orleans to Nashville to the back streets of New York. Tango 3.0 is Gotan Project’s new world order – get on board!

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