Glockabelle is a Casio VL-Tone and glockenspiel shredder who sings in both French and English. Born to Francophone parents, she was introduced to the Casio VL-Tone in Paris where she began blending her classical piano techniques with 8-bit synthpop sounds resulting in a hyperactive mixture of rhythm and tone. She also invented a unique technique for playing the glockenspiel: not with mallets but with eight sewing thimbles.

She has performed at The Toronto Film Festival, Miami Art Basel, SXSW and The Montreux Jazz Festival. She has opened for Lightning Bolt, The Space Lady, Mdou Moctar, and The Go! Team.  She also contributed the soundtrack to the short film Concerning the Bodyguard which was an official festival selection at the Toronto Film Festival and narrated by Sir Salman Rushdie.