Gary Lucas is an American guitarist/songwriter/composer who was a member of the band “Captain Beefheart”. He also formed the band “Gods and Monsters” in 1989. His album total to date is 30 plus, and he has included many genres and styles into his work, such as, Jazz, Blues, Avant-Rock, Classical, World, Folk and Electronica.

His album (out now) The Essential Gary Lucas, is a 36-track discography that encompasses 40 years of Lucas’s music.

The Wire quotes, “The elegance of the phrasing, the ubiquity of call and response figures (another connection to Miles Davis), the ability to find and the tone to fit almost any sonic environment is quite uncanny….There isn’t a single item here that doesn’t have Lucas’s musical personality running through it like quartz. Essential? It’s all essential.”

American Songwriter Magazine states, “The Essential Gary Lucas offers a potpourri of adventurous sounds and ambitious intentions. Lucas may forego the mainstream, but he never fails to find open avenues that nurture further exploration.”

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