Freia spent her childhood between the underground vibes of the capital and the boho vibes of the countryside, a duality that is noticeable in her work, musical as well as visual, in all a delightful edgy-tribal mixture. Freia discovered her voice in front of a small audience, her elementary school held an endof-the-year celebration during which six years old Freia interpreted “My heart will go on”.

Making everyone speechless, she had struck a chord and as if that wasn’t enough she had just opened the door to a whole new possibility, the dream that got in her blood and stayed there even fifteen years later. Freia is fearless and audacious, a strong character she built while pursuing her dream. Soon after she started taking music lessons she started travelling through Romania chasing every song contest possible, craving the scene and the bond with the audiences. At only 10 years old, she stared in a show called “The Star Factory” where she learned from the best music teachers of the country. She stayed on the show for four years; useless to say the stage and the camera are not foreign to the Romanian prodigy. She might have a bold and confident shell but inside emotions are boiling, disappointed a few times in the past by empty promises, it never stopped her nor her plans.

Freia has a fearless attitude and a translucent envelop, through which all her feelings are palpable by the audience. Her wish is to inspire people to be strong and independent as well as delicate and sensitive, proving that confidence and emotions go hand in hand beautifully. A turning point in her musical journey was meeting her producer and co-writer Quba. He is like a little voice in her head: her biggest supporter, best friend and harshest critic at the same time. The trust they built over six years, working in the studio almost every day not only created strong bonds but also enabled Freia to put on paper the songs she was humming in her head for years. After the successful Youtube launch of four songs, she went on to sign a Publishing and Management deal with the music veteran Fabrice Nataf, now owner of the Paris based independent Publishing Company: Morgane Music Publishing.

Soon to feature on one of this year’s electronic revelation’s song, Freia describes the experience of recording with Kungs – currently n#1 in the UK charts and n#1 in Shazam Worldwide- as pure magic. And that is not all, a lot awaits: a tour in China and Taiwan, a heap of new songs, a concert during the first edition of the Electric Zoo Festival in China, a song on JJ Abrams and Cameron Crowe’s new TV show Roadies, and a debut album to be released this autumn on Polydor – Universal for the World.

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