Floy Krouchi is a composer and performer born in Paris in 1971. She has been present in the world of contemporary experimental music since 1994. She studied jazz with David Patrois and electroacoustic under G.Favotti in the conservatory in Paris and Indian music under Pandit Hindraj Divekar in Pune, India . 
She founded the Mafucage ensemble and gave a series of performances on a train from Paris to Pekin .She has been commissioned numerous pieces, installations and performances by GRM, La muse en circuit, France Musique, Gmem, France Culture and her work has been performed in festivals and venues in France , all over Europe, Switzerland, India, China, Lebanon,Israel and USA . In 2009 she was a recipient of Villa Medicis Hors les murs. She composes for different media – dance, theatre, web-art, experimental video, cinema, and installations – and also works as a radio and sound artist, producing Hôrspiel radio pieces, (in the tradition of Luc Ferrari), who received several international prizes such as Prix Italia in 2011 , and Phonurgia Nova in 2013 .

Floy Krouchi : fretless bass and live electronics, composition
Mark Bingham: guitar, effects and spatialisation 
featuring Emilie Lesbros (voice), Chess Smith (drums) and Hank Roberts (cello) 
Hosted in residency in May 2016 at Spectrum NYC, the French composer and performer Floy Krouchi will develop a new piece on site, and invite musicians for a series of performances. 
Inspired by Indian music and its most ancient instrument, the Rudra Veena, Floy Krouchi has developed an augmented bass which uses electronics and real-time transformation. 
Bass Holograms is a mystic and contemplative experience, at the junction of ambient, noise, improvised and electroacoustic music, diving into the swirls of an “electronic raga”. 
This program is supported by the Face Contemporary Music Fund.

June 3 @ Spectrum
June 8 @ Spectrum
June 9 @ Firehouse Space, Brooklyn