Flavia Coelho is a nomad by nature. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro listening, as loudly as possible, to Diana Ross, Nina Hagen and the divas of popular Brazilian songs, whereas her father collected cassettes of traditional music of the Nordeste. At this time she wandered through the house singing with a bucket on her head. It was with this homemade echo chamber that she discovered her voice. She was only 14 when she answered an ad to join As Solteirissimas (The Bachelors) a group of girls who were looking for a new singer. A double life began! Secretly she sang in bars working relentlessly on her voice and rhythms, in styles that ranged from grunge to punk, rock to jazz, rap to pop. She left Rio in 2006, the very moment she was making a name for herself, to start from scratch in Paris, the city of her dreams. Since living in Paris, Flavia finds that “everything sounds Brazilian”. That’s exactly what you feel when listening to Mundo Meu. She unfolds her inner world like an immense, multicoloured urban map. Her flow resonates to an urban Baile Funk, the Repente of her father becomes Afrobeat, the Forró and Samba find a new life fuelled with Hip-Hop, African roots join Kanak chants, Bolero joins Raga while East European music becomes tropical via Jamaica. More in touch with her roots in Mundo Meu than in her previous release, Bossa Muffin, Flavia Coelho goes back to her past and plunges us into an urban jungle coloured with native slang.

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