Emel Mathlouthi is a songwriter, composer, guitarist, and singer who is bringing an powerful brand new sound to Tunisian music. Endowed with an outstanding voice, she evokes Joan Baez, Sister Marie Keyrouz and the Lebanese diva Fairouz. Her captivating style is lyrical, with powerful rock, oriental and trip hop influences (she’s collaborated with Adrian Thaws AKA Tricky).

Emel began her artistic career at the age of 8 on stage at the small amphitheater in the Ibn Sina suburb of Tunis where she lived until the age of 25, when she moved to France to pursue her career as a singer. Her song “Kelmti Horra”, (my word is free) was taken up by the Arab Spring revolutionaries and sung on the streets of Tunis. She has immense stage presence and a voice that spells revolution and freedom.

 She released a new video for her single Footsteps, out on March 7th 2019 !

Check out her feature in “Voyage en Francophonie” on March 20th!

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9/28 @ Portsmouth, NH

9/29 @ Pop Montreal – Montreal, Canada

9/30 @ Baby G – Toronto, Canada

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