elodieO’s new album Amoureuse is an electronic compilation of songs and remixes orchestrated and mainly produced by Viennese producer Robbie Ost (Dubblestandart). The tracks of Amoureuse stroll between electropop, reaggae, dub-step and dub. The collection includes remixes by Dubblestandart, Rubber Ross, Club d’Essai, Deathisnotacolor and a few songs from the score of elodieO’s upcoming musical film, Rendez-vous Amsterdam. The song “Amoureuse” will be featured in elodieO’s debut short film of the same name. Amoureuse is a side project  leading up to elodieO’s upcoming film, Rendez-vous Amsterdam, a project that fuses cinema, dance, music, fashion and animation into a truly innovative, modern and unconventional feature musical film.

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