Contemporary Creole blues with an African flair.

Band lineup:

Pascal Danae-Guitar and vocals

Rafgee- Sousaphone

Baptiste Brondy- Drums and vocals
Previously on Delgres …

In 1802, only 8 years after it was abolished by French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte restored slavery in the French colonies. In Guadeloupe the mixed blood commander, Louis Delgrès gave his life to prevent the return of the abomination. In vain.

After Delgres and his supporters’ deaths, fierce repression fell upon Guadeloupe .

Thousands were forced into exile or fled, some to Louisiana,  birthplace of the Blues. And the air still vibrates from the remaining fragrance of a secret blues, whispered solely at nightfall.

Long forgotten heroes that only the heart remembers;  father, mother, cousin, brother or friend that no one will ever mention in books or papers but who gave everything, silently.

Such as Louise Danae ( Pascal’s ancestor) freed from slavery in 1841 along with her three children. She was 27.

Delgres is retrieved memories of blended songs, dances and tears of the long lost drifting souls of New-Orleans, where the blues get loud with the sound of rust, struggle and hope.

Like a broken barrel of guadeloupean rum flooding the Mississipi delta, Delgres gets everyone drunk with music.  So drunk with music that Africans, Indians, poor whites and all the others don’t really know where to stand anymore.  So they dance! They dance to that ragged blues!

And here we are, prestigious clandestins, aboard this ship,freely sailing from Pointe a Pitre to Congo square, from Lafayette to Basse Terre, under carribean stars, all together, yet alone with Delgres.

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10/4 @ Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground – Joshua Tree, CA

10/5 @ Theatre Raymond Kabbaz – Los Angeles, CA

10/7 @ Joshua Tree Music Festival – Joshua Tree, CA