Doing things by the book has never been Danton’s forte. That might be the reason why the London-based Frenchman’s path is so atypical, it’s probably why he has never committed to a specific style or musical family either, when pretty much everyone else seems to be in a rush to “belong”. Mind you, if he had, he would certainly have bored you to tears a long time ago, and his releases would not be welcomed with a distinctive sense of “what has he done this time”.

From the start it was clear Danton was in for a jolly good laugh, and trend-setters got it spot on when they started to embrace his deviant but addictive music, from “Confessions Of An English Opium Eater”, to “Face Control”, or the wicked in the true sense of the word “Give Me Pain”. He was a man on a mission, and a mission he took really seriously at that: giving all he had, sweat, blood, beats and screaming synths, whenever he set foot in the main clubs of pretty much all the countries who have a knack for electronic music. And the word spread fast, so fast he had already toured left right and centre by the time his debut LP “Yes Is More” came out. But Danton saw this as an excellent opportunity to cover his tracks and shuffle the cards again – Just when you thought you had got to grips with his style.

The frontman is also a man in the background on various projects, his years as a studio engineer paying off and allowing him to overtake the producer desk and make good artists better, turn OK tunes into full-on old school hits. In a world of music taylorism he likes to add uniqueness, and install a playful feeling to the music he produces. That’s right, if he was to be put in a category, it wouldn’t be pop, electronica or house – it would be “playful”. And yes, he does the same thing with photography, with the way he dresses up for his performances, erecting the way he sees music to an art de vivre. Ready to go there with him? He’ll be more than happy to take you for a ride.

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