Opening the curtains on her chiaroscuro theater Cleo.T presents her first album Songs of Gold & Shadow produced and recorded in Bristol by the legendary John Parish, also featuring contributions from Robert Wyatt. Cleo’s songs blend symbolist harmonies and ancient Europe tones into dark romanticism and shimmering poetry

A delightful decadence, a la Nouvelle Vague.
A glamorous cabaret, made of Spleen and Ideal.

Cleo takes us into a mystical ride, a nocturne in blue & gold, reminding us of Alice sleeping in the Peacock Room, or Salome dancing in the last chance Saloon.

On the road since 2010, Cleo T. has been singing across Europe. Piano, harp, cello and treasure trunks following, from Berlin to London and southbound to the tip of Italy. Winner of the Paris young talent contest in 2012, she recently performed at the Paris Olympia hall and at the Solidays charity festival. Her first music video was out in November 2013, and she’ll be hitting the roads again this winter, till the return of springtime.

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